By Lindsey Shanck, Peer Advisor

So you have already come in for a walk-in appointment with the peer advisors…what’s next? You have had your resume and cover letter critiqued, maybe had a mini mock interview and a LinkedIn session.  Your next step is to meet with a full time advisor!

The full time advisors at Toppel are your go-to help for any questions you might have. While the peer advisors act as a liaison to share resources available at Toppel and keep your documents professional, the full time advisors can help you make the road map to a successful career after graduation. They can help set goals based on your major and career aspirations and give you tips in the industry you are interested in. With experience in the real world and with employers in your industry, they are essential in your career education.

Each of the eleven advisors are in charge of different fields and industries, but they are all experts in career education, and have the tools you need to make you successful post graduation. Devin is in charge of STEM fields, including science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Carly is the pre-health expert, and specializes in nursing and health science, life sciences, and psychology, and Edward is the pre-law guru. Ali is Toppel’s artsy advisor with specializations in architecture, art, art history, and theatre, and Debbie advises on music and communication. Richard and Kim specialize in the school of business, and Richard also advises athletics. Hilary resides in Washington D.C. and advises through Skype and phone on all things government. Betty handles the social sciences, RSMAS, and all international opportunities, along with Anna who also works in the school of education. Last but certainly not least, Esther works with graduate students, alumni, psychology, humanities, and liberal arts students.

To make an appointment with your advisor, log on to Handshake, and start planning your career!