By Kim Wilks, Peer Advisor

Personal Qualities are EXTREMELY important!

There are some key skills that employers are looking for in candidates that they believe cannot be taught. However, these skills can be developed during your undergraduate career through your involvements. Students often focus mainly on their professional development, but personal growth is just as important. The skills that employers are looking for include communication, teamwork, integrity, and adaptability. Employers want to know that the people they hire can produce results. Nevertheless, sometimes failure is inevitable and they want to know that you will learn from your mistakes and use them to move forward. The best way to develop the personal qualities employees seek is through involvements!

Whether you are a waitress or a lab supervisor, having a job while you are a student is a great way to learn responsibility and time management. You will learn the importance of being punctual. You may not get along with everyone that you work with and this will teach you how to maintain your professionalism in every situation. Whether the job is relevant to your field or not, employers understand that working and being a full-time student is not always the easiest thing to do. Your ability to manage both will reflect greatly on your skills.


Being involved in on-campus organizations can mold you into a better leader and communicator. Once you are on an executive board, you must communicate ideas within the board and to your general body. Try to run for a position that will push you out of your comfort zone and develop your weaknesses. Holding leadership positions in organizations throughout your college years will signal to employers that you possess the skill to successfully lead others.

Your intelligence and work will speak for themselves, but don’t miss out on an opportunity because you lack the personal qualities that companies now search for. Develop these skills during your undergraduate career and watch doors open. Even if you do not possess the technical skills that a company desires, your demonstrated ability and willingness to learn may be all you need. Technical skills can be taught!

Good Luck Canes!