By Varuna Rampersad-Singh, Peer Advisor

When students begin college, they often have a newfound freedom from being on their own. There’s no one telling them what to do anymore and no one waking them up every morning. This means they can end up missing a lot of classes and sometimes students forget that they are at school to learn not to hang out. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of all your classes.

1) Make sure you attend your classes. At this school, one class costs more than $5000. If you aren’t attending classes you’re throwing away money.

2) Pay attention in class. This may seem obvious but many people go to class if attendance is being taken but spend the whole time on their phones. You shouldn’t sit in the back and watch your favorite show, it makes learning the material much harder later on.

3) Attend office hours. Teachers usually have specific dates and times that students can go to ask questions and get help. Even if you can’t make those times, the teachers want you to be successful so they will often make personal appointments to meet with you.

4) Stay ahead. Teachers have a syllabus of the entire school semester planned out. If you read ahead in the text book, you should have no problem passing this course.


Good Luck, Canes!