By Jake Ducharme, Peer Advisor

LinkedIn isn’t like other social sites. While sites like Facebook and Twitter have more users, LinkedIn is a professional way for people to connect. With over 300 million users world-wide it is an incredible way to get into the business world. Even if you aren’t pursuing a business related field, it is great to have LinkedIn and stay connected.


Here are some of the main reasons you should have a professional LinkedIn:

  • It’s a quick and easy way to be found

Instead of looking for jobs, jobs can come looking for you with LinkedIn. There are millions of users on LinkedIn who are currently looking for their newest employee. By having a profile, they can reach out to you and potentially offer you a job.

  • You can easily find recruiters

Similarly to how recruiters can find you, you can easily search for open positions. Just by attending the U there are many positions recommended for me to look at because alumni work there. That is just one of the many filters that can be applied in the job search process.

  • Others can recommend and endorse you

When you hand a prospective employer your resume, it doesn’t come attached with recommendations and endorsements from past and present colleagues.  A great feature of LinkedIn is the ability to easily right a recommendation that can be found along with your work experience. In addition, people can “endorse” you. People you have connected with select things like “hard-working”, “public speaking”, and “leadership” which will appear under a skills section.


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