By Jackson Pollock, Peer Advisor

Handshake is a great platform for students for a wide variety of reasons. It allows students to access resources for jobs, internships, events, career fairs and much more. Here are different ways how to use Handshake to your advantage:


Setting Up Your Profile:

The first time you sign on to Handshake you will have to set up your profile. This is a very important part of Handshake. When you first sign into Handshake you are going to want to upload you resume first. In order to gain full access to Handshake your resume has to be uploaded and reviewed by a staff member at Toppel. A Toppel staff will review your uploaded resume, provide feedback on how to approve it, then approve the document so you can gain full access to Handshake. As soon as your document is approved then you can start to build your profile. There is actually a feature to build your profile from your resume where Handshake will pull experiences from your resume and allow you to directly add them to your profile without having to type them in. Make sure you profile is full of all your experiences, skills, and education. Your profile will look similar to how a LinkedIn profile looks.


Making Appointments:

With your profile set up, you can now start to access all Toppel has to offer starting with appointments. If you do not feel like going into Toppel (you shouldn’t feel this way) to schedule an advising appointment, you can do it from your fingertips. All you need to do is go to the appointment tab, choose the advising you need, pick a time, and you are all set.


Finding Events/Interviews:

Another thing you can do on handshake is find events and register for them. You will be able to search through events that Toppel is having in this section and see if it is relevant to you; in which case you can register for them. In addition to Toppel events, you will be able to find Career Fairs, see what employers are coming to the fair, and register for the fair. Lastly you will be able to register for interviews. Interviews happen at Toppel when employers come to campus and you are able to find these opportunities in Handshake and register for them.


Searching for Jobs and Internships:

With your resume uploaded and profile set up, you can now start looking for internship and job opportunities. To look for these opportunities, you will need to go to either the job or internship tab depending on your current wants and needs. In these sections you will find an overwhelming list of jobs and internships that span over 109 pages. Do not get overwhelmed by this. You can choose to narrow your search. You can narrow it down by location, job type, employment time, and many more. One very helpful modifier is “Show Qualified Only.” This will allow the jobs and internships to be filtered to only the ones you would be qualified to apply for based on your major, year, and other factors. That 109-page list will narrow down a lot when you apply the modifiers of your liking. With the smaller list you can go through the opportunities and read up on the qualifications and job descriptions.


Applying for Jobs and Internships:

Once you have singled in on your prized job or internship it is now time to apply for the job. If your resume is approved, this is easy. All you have to do is click “Apply Now” and you will be prompted to upload you resume form Handshake. After you apply you will be notified by the company after they review your application.


I hope this gives you a general overview of Handshake and just how important is it for the job search. Remember walk-in advising at Toppel is open Monday through Friday 9am to 4:30pm. Stop by for critiques or if you have any questions about Handshake.