By Sterlie Achille, Peer Advisor

It gets really hard to keep up with everything as the semester starts to takeoff and really become hectic. It seems like just as midterms start to creep up, the professors pick that same time to bombard the student population with projects, papers and assignments. However, it’s important not to throw your self-care into the pile and get too lost in the heavy bustle of being busy.

Self-care, contrary to popular belief should not come second to your responsibilities. As a balanced person will tell you, taking care of your responsibilities becomes much easier when you have taken care of yourself. Here are some quick and easy ways to distress and get back on track:

1) Take small breaks while you study

2) Spend time with friends

3) Take a walk

4) Sing your favorite song at the top of your lungs

5) Volunteer (Sometimes we just need to change our focus for a moment!)

6) Visit the counseling center


7) Pick up a Hobby

8) Watch a comedy (It’s hard to be upset when you’re laughing. Try it!)

9) Vent to someone you trust

10) Hit the Gym


Practicing self-care not only helps provide you with the peace of mind needed to succeed, it also helps prevent burnouts.  Burnouts are caused by exhaustion that can lead to low energy and low motivation. Do what you can to make the most out of your college experience.  Even if that means placing yourself first sometimes! Take care and remember: it’s great to be a Miami Hurricane!