By Jackson Pollock, Peer Advisor

With midterm exams upon us, it is a good time to reflect on some different ways and methods of studying. Although no one really wants to, eventually we all have to sit down and get cranking. Here are a few tips and methods to study:

1) Start Early:

Make sure you give yourself enough time to be able to study the right way. The worst thing for you to do is to pull an all-nighter to cram for an exam. It is both bad for your personal health and it is actually harder to commit information to your memory. Start studying at least a week before your exam so you have ample time to get notes, and lecture slides together, and if needed to meet with your professor during office hours. This will allow you to have extra time to study for other exams, and give yourself the personal time you need.

2) Find a Study Group:

Find a few friends or acquaintances in your class or with the same professor and plan on studying with them for some of the time. Having a group or friend to study with helps a lot. Rather than being isolated on the 9th floor of the stacks, it will allow you to communicate with civilization in a very beneficial way. Studying with a friend or a group of people will allow you to quiz each other, share different ideas of understanding, and help motivate each other.

3) Personal Health:

Your personal health is very important during the time you are studying. You should still eat and sleep regularly. Sleep is crucial. If you do not give appropriate time to sleep you will feel it in your body and it will heavily affect your performance. Remember to start studying early so getting a good night’s sleep will not be an issue. Make sure you set aside time for yourself as well, either to work out or to just be yourself for a little.

4) MAKE Flash Cards:

Although using someone else’s flashcards or Quizlet may seem like the easier option, the actual act of creating flashcards or a Quizlet will help you study even better. The process of creating flashcards commits things to your memory because you are writing it down. Just going through flashcards or a Quizlet will help you to memorize, but it will not give the same result as actually creating flashcards or a Quizlet.

5) Location, Location, Location:

With such a unique campus such as ours, there are so many places to study. While being in the library might be the first thing that comes to mind, it is good to mix it up. Anywhere outside is a great option, because it gets you out the cold, air conditioned library.

I hope that these tips are helpful for your midterms that we are all excitingly awaiting! Good luck, Canes!