By Sterlie Achille, Peer Advisor

As I am sure you are all aware of by now, Expo is a few short days away! The Career Expo will be the place to be on September 19th from 2-6pm. Whether you are looking for a position of hire or just looking to place yourself outside of your comfort zone and grow professionally, it will be an eventful evening!

Expo can be a nerve wracking experience, but do your best to calm your nerves! Don’t forget to smile and be yourself. Oftentimes, a company is looking for a good fit for their team as much as they are looking for a skill set. So rest assured, you have every right to feel confident!

To register for the event, log on to your Handshake account, click on ‘Fairs’ and then Fall Expo. Once you’ve registered, I would recommend checking out the great tips given by Lindsey on creating a successful Expo experience:

Check it out here:

In addition to that, I would look a the Do’s and Don’t’s given by Kiera which can be found here:

To add to Kiera’s point, before going to Career Expo, it is extremely important to fact-find the company’s values and to know how they measure success. A great resource that can help you with this is Vault. To check out the Vault site, go to then click on ‘Career Resources’ followed by ‘Online Resources’.

Visit Vault to gain access to company information. There you can find intern feedback, company culture, work life balance, the hiring process, information on compensation, a day in the life articles and even training! The best part is, sign up is free!

I would highly recommend checking out Vault once you’ve scoped out the list of companies coming to Expo. During your brief time at their table, ask questions to validate your research or disprove assumptions you made. This will not only help you stand out to potential employers but it will also help you gain more and more confidence throughout the event.

Best of luck and happy Expo!