By Vinessa Burnett, Toppel Peer Advisor

So you’ve just landed your dream internship in a big new city and can’t wait for summer to roll around. Before you get too excited, you remember that there’s one caveat: you have to figure out where to live. As more and more companies expand their selection pool of interns to students across the country, many more students are left with the daunting prospect of searching for a place to live –often without much financial assistance or resources. This can be particularly challenging, given that most apartment complexes do not do short-term leases, and finding someone willing to sublease their place for three months can be difficult. But don’t worry, that’s where I come in. I’m here to help make the summer internship housing search process a whole lot easier!

Listed below are some of my favorite websites for finding summer internship housing, followed by some other helpful tips and tricks.
Rentler is a great website when first starting your housing search. It has a simple interface and shows you exactly what you are looking for. Once you’re on the website, click the “Find all rentals” drop down menu and select “Sublease or Student Contract”. Next, select the city where your internship will be located in. A list of available options will be presented grid-style for you to choose from.
Leaseful is an up-and-coming website geared specifically towards college students seeking to sublease for the summer. Simply enter the location of your internship and the dates that you will be staying. After clicking “Search”, you’ll be presented with a wide variety of subleasing options from other college students just like you.
On Hotpads, you can search for your ideal place in just a few clicks. First, type in the location of your internship and click search. A wide range of options will be presented to you on a map. To narrow your options down to just subleases, select the “More” tab at the top right and under “Listing Type”, select “Sublet.”
While not as user-friendly as some of the other websites I’ve listed, Sublet definitely does live up to its name. On the home screen, simply select “Sublets”. This will take you to another page where you’ll enter the location. Once your search results appear, you’ll be able to sort and filter your results according to lease term, price, and even narrow it down to only furnished listings!
Known by travelers as a unique alternative to traditional hotels, Airbnb has grown to become much more than that. Many Airbnb hosts are open to long-term leases and most provide additional discounts for monthly rentals. If you’re curious about a particular listing, just send a message to the host!

And if you or someone you know is staying in Miami this summer…
Summer Intern Housing at UM is a great way for interns to have flexible move-in and move-out dates and avoid the potential hassle of finding a lease/sublet for the summer. This is available to all undergraduate and graduate students who are participating in a summer internship. Many universities offer this kind of option, so if you are interning outside of Miami, this could be something to consider. For more information on UM’s Intern Housing Program, feel free to contact the Department of Housing and Residential Life at 305-284-4505.

Useful tips:
• Most major cities have Facebook groups dedicated to housing, and in particular, subleases. For example, there is a Dallas (TX) Sublets and Subleases group. To find the Facebook housing group for the city where you’ll be interning, simply enter in the search bar the name of the city, followed by either the word “housing” or “sublease.” Once in the group you’ll be able to comment on listings and interact with hosts.
• Be cautious of websites such as Craigslist that often feature scams. Do all that you can to verify the legitimacy of any listing that you come across so that you can ensure your physical and financial safety.
• Many universities and colleges offer internship housing to non-students during the summer. Be sure to reach out to local universities in the area to inquire about summer internship housing.
• Living with another intern could easily cut down costs in half. If possible, connect with other incoming interns and try to find a place to live together.

Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you in your internship housing search for the summer. The search process isn’t easy, but with the right know-how, you’ll be able to find a place in no time!