By Melissa Wyatt, Toppel Peer Advisor
Trying to balance classes, extracurriculars and work is tough for any college student – so it’s no surprise that spring break is one of the most anticipated weeks of the year. While it’s important to have fun and relax, spring break is also a great opportunity to get ahead. A little bit of effort can go a long way, and preparing for what’s ahead will allow you to end your semester on a high note. Here are six easy ways to refresh your life this spring break:
1. Update Your resume

When homework deadlines are looming over your head, it’s easy to put career readiness on the backburner. With a free schedule, spring break is the perfect opportunity to update your resume. Templates and advice are available at, so you can accomplish this in no time! You never know when you’ll need a resume, so it’s important to keep yours updated.
2. Catch up – and get ahead!
Spend an hour or two every day catching up on class readings and getting ahead on homework assignments. A little bit of effort now will prevent many long nights in the library, especially as final papers and projects pile up in the coming weeks.
3. Organize your room and study space
It’s hard to stay focused when your notes are unorganized and laundry has piled up on your floor.  Now that you don’t have as much on your plate, take the time to organize your desk. A clean room is key to a clear mind – don’t underestimate how these small changes can make a big difference in your productivity.
4. Send in your last internship and job applications
It’s time to stop procrastinating and submit the last of your summer internship/job applications! Finish up the applications you’ve already found, and continue to seek out new opportunities. You never know what you’ll find – your dream job could be waiting.
5. Get rest
Don’t forget to treat yourself well. Be sure to get ample rest over spring break, because this will ensure that you are in tip-top shape for the rest of the semester. Having an adequate amount of sleep will also increase your overall productivity and happiness.
6. Learn something new
Have you been hoping to sharpen your Photoshop skills, but just couldn’t find the time? Use spring break as an opportunity to hone your existing skills and develop new ones. The Internet is full of online tutorials and advice to help you learn something new. Each unique skill you have makes you stand out in a job, so take this time to diversify yourself as a candidate.
These are just a few ideas to have a productive spring break – you could try your hand at volunteering, exercising, or just spending more time outdoors. Have a fun week off and enjoy unwinding from the stresses of everyday life! Don’t forget to stop by the Toppel Career Center when classes are back in session.