By Madison Bowden, Toppel Peer Advisor

It is about that time in the year now where everything starts picking up, classes become harder, and all your activities on and off campus begin to come at you full blast. However, not so long ago we made New Years resolutions. Except now they seem so unrealistic and hard to obtain with exams, clubs, or Greek life. It is important now more than ever that we remember those resolutions to reinvigorate our motivation before the semester takes a heavy toll on us students. 

I myself have found five ways that can improve my chances of keeping those New Years Resolutions of straight A’s, staying active in campus activities, and exercising daily. Here are some tips I recommend:

1. Log the activities you want to accomplish a day in advance in either a journal or agenda
2. Keep a Journal of your Daily Activities to show your progress
3. Have a motivator- Mom, Dad, Friends, etc. 
4. Follow a blog, social media page, or download an app that can motivate you daily
5. Most importantly, if you fall behind a day don’t give up just start fresh the next day 

Remember, it is not about necessarily achieving all your resolutions but keeping the motivation you set for yourself in the beginning of year. So don’t beat yourself up for missing a few days or even a week on your goals just stay motivated and don’t save those New Years Resolutions for next year.