By Peer Advisor: Trish Vega
Ever thought about your future career and felt a tiny bit (or a lot-a-bit)… well… exasperated? I think we’ve all been there at one point or another. But worry not, perhaps I can help ease some anxiety. In this post, I will debunk three common career misconceptions in order to help you look at your future career not with nervousness, but with excitement!
Myth #1: My major dictates what kind of jobs I will get.
Contrary to popular belief, what you major in does not necessarily lock you into a specific industry. In fact, (with the exception of careers that require highly technical skills and knowledge such as engineering or medicine) it is possible for almost any major to find a fulfilling career in any industry! I actually know of a family friend who happily works as a Marketing Analyst at AAA, and he graduated with a music degree. The fact of the matter is, your skills and what you learn from your experiences are more valuable than your specific major. Focus on those, and you’ll be surprised at the multitude of opportunities that open themselves to you!
Myth #2: I have to know it all to get the job.
Most employers don’t expect you know you every single aspect and duty of a given job when considering hiring you. This is why it’s very important to take into account transferable skills. These skills are qualities such as creativity, good decision making, positive energy, and confidence. You can take these skills with you wherever you are in your career journey, and they will help you be adaptable and open to learning on the job, which is very valuable to employers.
Myth #3: I need to find the one perfect job for me.
Your perfect job is going to look different depending on where you are in your career journey. What might be piquing your interest now as a college student may be wildly different as you gain more experiences under your belt. It is also possible to explore multiple avenues at the same time. I have another friend who travels the country as a speaker, but also has taken time in her career to write for blogs, do service work, and record a jazz album! Another great example is entrepreneur, video blogger, entertainer, educator, writer, philanthropist, and musician Hank Green. He is another highly successful, real-world example of how you can succeed in having your career being made up of multiple paths. The possibilities are endless!
Hopefully some of these demystified misconceptions can ease your view of the career world. The world is your oyster, and here at Toppel we aspire to help you explore your future with optimism and excitement!