By Madison Bowden, Toppel Peer Advisor

Marketing is a vital skill you need to face the business world, because you need to create your own unique personal brand. You may be wondering how you can set yourself apart from other individuals and enhance your own personal brand. You need to commit yourself to the three P’s of Marketing: Preparation, Packaging, and Presentation.
  1. Know what you bring to the table (Skills, Talents, and Experiences).
  2. Career Readiness which can be done through research at the Toppel Career Center
  3. Network by:
    1. Joining LinkedIn, a professional networking website.
    2. Joining an Organization or Charity that resembles your core values/beliefs. For instance, you can join a Sorority/ Fraternity to enhance your philanthropy involvement; or a Business Fraternity to showcase your professional side, etc.
    3. Use Social Media to your advantage. For example, you can join Twitter and follow companies and their recent trends.


  1. Make sure your resume has been picked apart and perfected to portray your uniqueness.
  2. Practice interviews are critical to getting your interview skills right.
  3. Keep track of your past interviews and job experiences (know what went right and what went wrong). 
  4. Always keep a list of References.


  1. Public Speaking practice is a key portrait of your Communication Skills and Confidence. Make sure to practice speaking in front of those who intimidate you whether it be higher authority or speaking in front of classmates. Practice makes perfect! 
  2. BE WELL-DRESSED. Remember it is better to be overdressed rather than underdressed.
  3. Strategize before presenting yourself whether it is for your first organization meeting, career expo, job interview, or simply meeting a potential network; it is important to make the right first impression. Make a plan of how you are going to approach the activity and what you want to take away from the experience.