By Betty Zambrano, Assistant Director, Career Events
This week I had the absolute honor to spend a week in Marine Corps Headquarters for the Educator and Key Leader Workshop. Located in beautiful Quantico, VA, about 45 minutes south of DC, Marine Corps Headquarters is the training ground for the future leaders of America’s elite fighting forces.
As part of an effort to educate others on the challenges and rewards of joining a military, the U.S. Marine Corps invited groups of educators from around the country to participate in lectures, listen to panels and even perform training exercises!
The U.S. Marine Corps recruit students who embody the virtues and values of great soldiers and great citizens. Those interested in joining the ranks as an officer have several options to serve, either through the Platoon Leaders Course (undergraduate students) or the Officer Candidates Course (college graduates). Each option gives candidates the opportunity to prove their mental agility, physical fitness and above all, their ability to lead in times of uncertainty.
This is done through a combination of physical training, mental preparation and studying the logistics and techniques that govern a specialized arm of the military. As a guest of the USMC workshop, I had the opportunity to simulate some of the physical activities like the Leadership Reaction Course and a brief session at the Martial Arts Center for Excellence. We were also treated to a once-in-a-lifetime helicopter ride with HMX-1 pilots (those who pilot the POTUS helicopter) and a simulated infantry patrolling mission. As a civilian, I felt honored and inspired by the sense of purpose displayed by each and every one of our Marine escorts.
To learn more about the benefits of a career in the U.S. Marine Corps, please reach out to our University of Miami Officer Recruitment Officer, Capt. Cipriano Rivera. He is reachable at or at Fall Career Expo on Friday, September 18th!