By Maura Gergerich, Toppel Peer Advisor

It’s just a fact of life that not everyone you interact with will like you. If this isn’t the case then you haven’t made enough decisions in your life. Leaders are constantly forced to make decisions like firing people or changing a policy that will make people upset, but what makes good leaders is that they choose the right option rather than the easy one. The key to this is also learning how to deal with these people.
Accept that you can’t please everyone
This is of course easier said than done, but trying to please everybody will either end up angering everyone instead or driving you insane. So just stick with what you think is right and people will respect your ability to stand tall in the face of adversity.
Keep an eye on your enemies
Everyone has heard the idea of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. It’s way easier to protect yourself from being backstabbed if you don’t turn your back.
Laugh it off
The best way to dealing with slander towards you is to have a sense of humor about it. Not only will this make you feel better, it will also make your peers respect you for not throwing self-pity parties.
Forgive and forget
One of the strongest things a person can do is forgive someone. It shows that you are the bigger person. And you never know, that person may end up changing their ideas and be a wonderful asset to you. Holding grudges is too much energy to waste on so little outcome.