By Marian Li, Toppel Peer Advisor

You know, finding an internship/job isn’t the ONLY stressful thing students need to worry about post-spring-semester. The reason why employers value students who do internship experiences over summer is that not only do the students gain knowledge of the industry at hand, but they also grow as individuals ready for the real world – which includes paying rent, driving commutes, and generally fending for themselves away from their parents and home. As a student though, you’re not alone! The struggle of growing up is a shared pain, so here are a few tips to make the housing process a little easier!
Do your research – Always start early! Depending on the time frame of your internship/job, you may have to review some of your housing options and how flexible they are with lease agreements. You should do some recon and get a lay of the land around your job’s location. You should consider commute time, the safety of the neighborhood, and amenities. These traits help you determine a good middle ground for your job.
Find Roommates! – First and foremost, the easiest way to cut costs is to find someone to share the cost. A lot of times, students have the opportunity to travel out of state and it’s a little scary to do it alone. Most times, though, classmates of yours may be working in the same area as you so meet new friends! Although you may not be working for the same company, having some company outside of work is comforting and it lightens the financial burdens of looking for housing by yourself.
Extended-Stay Hotels – Think housing is too difficult? And you wish booking a hotel was an option? Well, surprise! Some hotels actually have the option of extended-stay for weeks, and even months. Hotels are abundant no matter where you end up, but just be wary that this option may be a bit pricy!
AirBnB – The up and coming website students tend to overlook is AirBnB. The idea behind AirBnB is for people who had space to share to host travelers looking for a place to stay. Much like extended-stay hotels, the duration of your stay is pretty flexible as long as the host agrees to it! AirBnB provides a unique experience since you’ll essentially be a tenant of theirs but you learn more about the area.
Subleasing – If your internship/job is located near a college/university, there’s a good chance there are students living around the area as well. Most house/apartment leases are on a 10 or 12-month lease minimum, and if the students aren’t staying for summer, chances are, they’re looking for ways to supplement their monthly rent.

Happy house hunting!