by: Louis Gerard Politan
I thought I would name the blog with a quote from Al Pacino in Scarface. Throw you off a little. Spike a bit of interest!
If you’re like me, you’ve found some online posts mundane and mechanical. If I wanted to listen to a lecture, I can do that in school. Not in this blog! This blog is about taking Initiative! Speaking up! Finding ways for you to take steps forward! Wink up! Get off your friend’s futon, enough hob knobbing in South Beach! College life! Rules!

I am a Cane; always will be, it was a time in my life that will never be forgotten and that’s why I wanted to share a couple of ideas to prepare future alum for their best career!  One way to get started is by attending this upcoming Virtual Career Fair.
Ah yes! The purpose of this blog. To encourage students to participate in Virtual Career Day. Right away, two items jumped out at me, the audience and the people offering jobs. Those people we refer to as the ’employer’. Here is the premise, “Forward thinking Companies, the people giving the jobs, and entrepreneurial organizations that are leveraging the power of technology to reach students all over the country without traveling.” It is a fantastic concept. With companies like Amazon, Intel, John Hopkin’s University and Peace Corps, to name a few, it is well worth your time. Students and Alumni meet employers live online. That’s the concept. It doesn’t work without you! Your attendance is crucial for this venue to succeed.
Let’s go over some reasons why it may not be a bad idea to attend the SEC & ACC Virtual Career Day, April 1st and 2nd. For one, the colleges participating! Come on! University of Miami! Notre Dame! Duke! Pitt! Wake Forest! What an extraordinary list of peers. The schools are well established universities that employers are excited to speak with. That is great for you. Eventually, there is going to come a time, when the dreaded word ‘Employment’ is going to smack into you like a meteor from Mars. Embrace it! Be prepared. Spend the day of April 1st or April 2nd, honing in on your skills and meeting with employers and interacting with your peers around the country. Slide over the beer cans and Papa John’s pizza boxes and make room for Virtual Career Day! Opportunity awaits you! Don’t miss out on forming potentially life-changing relationships with hungry employers. Hey. There may be a chance to accomplish something great. Use the intelligence your university has bestowed upon you, and challenge yourself to participate in this Virtual Career Day. Life is all about challenges; don’t be scared! Nike says it well, “Just Do it.”
Right now, go to ACC/SEC Virtual Career Fair, and register now! Be excited about speaking with potential employers! Be confident! Surprise yourself! It’s always great to surprise yourself; doing something so far away from what you’re used to, and finding unmatched success. This is FREE, so you won’t even be cutting into your meal plan.


Here is my challenge to you: Register for SEC & ACC Virtual Career Day, April 1st and 2nd; make at least three contacts with potential employers. That’s it! Doesn’t seem much of a challenge. The challenge is taking the time to ‘DO IT!’. It’s never been easier than sitting in the comfort of your dorm or apartment, whichever it may be, and making in- roads with potential ‘Employers’. Encourage your friends to participate as well. My advice, as an alum, is: Invest some energy into this event; you will be pleasantly surprised on the outcome! Usually when you don’t want to do something, that is the exact thing you shouldbe doing. For instance, running. Getting the courage, and mind set to hit the pavement is never easy; when you get out there and accomplish that run, the feeling afterward is very rewarding. Same here. You may not feel this is worth your time, but afterward, landing a nice new internship or job, and at the very least networking and making contacts, it will be rewarding. The universities almost act like an agent. You are represented by them. UMiami is giving you an inroad to potential recruiters/employers. Use it up, baby! Make sure you do. With this Virtual career fair it is a perfect time to flex your muscles. Use your school for all its worth! Let them flip the bill on this one! Use their name to meet future employers. Well, I hope you take the time to register for the SEC & ACC Virtual Career Day, April 1st and 2nd.
And did I mention, you could be eligible to win and iPod?