By Kelly Martin, Toppel Peer Advisor
There are certain companies who’s names immediately inspire awe in us; when we hear a friend or a classmate has secured an internship there, we immediately think “wow, he/she is really successful.” And while that may be true to some extent- it was probably very competitive to get that internship and it will probably look great on their resume- it might not necessarily be true in every respect. Everybody wants to put well-known names on their resume, but just because somebody’s had a job or internship at one of those impressive places doesn’t mean they’re an impressive person. Getting the position might be the first step, but making the most out of that experience and becoming a well-rounded person is the second, arguably more important, step.

This past summer I had an internship with the New England Aquarium; in the marine science world, the “NEAq” is a well-known and respected education, research, and conservation organization, great to have on my resume as a marine science student. And while I am proud of being able to put the NEAq on my resume, when I look back on my experience there, I gained so much more than just a few lines and bullet points to fill up a piece of paper. Working with the people there taught me so much; they made me a better, more focused student, educator, leader, and marine conservationist.


So while you should aim to get the best possible internships and jobs you can, don’t do it just for the space it’ll take up on the resume. Do it because of the experience you will gain there, and take full advantage of all the opportunities that arise while you’re there. You will become a more well rounded person taking the time to learn from those around you and learn from your experiences, and that, ultimately, will make you a more impressive candidate in person, instead of just on paper.