By Carsyn Crane, Events and Marketing Intern 

Every student’s wish after graduating college is to get that ideal job. “Make the big bucks”, you may have heard this expression before.  Majoring in marketing, political science, philosophy, or studio art makes you wonder what you actually can do with $50,000 degree. You’ve learned various skills throughout your undergraduate career and still are not sure about your career path.

My undergraduate major was media studies. I know what you are thinking. What does that even mean? My dad continued to ask me this question until the day I graduated. 



I had no idea what I wanted to do once I graduated. I figured I would go into marketing or advertising but I never really explored my options.


I didn’t know how I was going to take my degree and transfer it into career. As a student you may be feeling the same way. The pressure of deciding your career path may be a frightening, but it is good to take a few steps before you make a decision. Some helpful tips when it comes to finding a career:


BE OPEN-MINDED. The first job you get after college may not be your dream job but it could open doors into a direction that works for you.


EXPLORE. Do the research and look for jobs you may not have thought of before.


PASSION: Figure out what you’re passionate about then narrow down your job options based on your desire.


You can always transfer the skills you’ve learned from your past experience and articulate why it would be good fit for that specific new job. The major you may be in might not be the exactly fit for the career you choose and it’s OKAY 🙂


You have skills. Prove it. Make us proud at the Toppel Career Center.