By Emma Melissa Reyes, Social Media Intern

Summer is here! That means fun in the sun, new adventures, backpacking across Europe, traveling to new exciting places, and making lifelong memories.

However, sometimes we can get so caught up in our fun that we forget to think twice before posting pictures or a Tweet. We have to remember that the Internet is a place for the good, but also for the “what did I just post?”  
Those posts can sometimes backfire when it comes to future employers. Employers take to social media to find out more on the person he or she is considering to hire. To avoid a misunderstanding, put your best face forward and think about what your future boss may say about that picture of you taking shots with your bros or your girls before hitting post. 
Here are a few tips to contemplate before posting content… 
1) Don’t post any photos of you drinking alcohol. If you post photos of yourself drinking, that image will become a part of the perception the employer has of you. Be aware of posting content that includes any illegal substances, because what you do in your own private time, is that … YOUR private time. Keep it that way. 
2) Don’t post pictures of yourself with a lack of clothes. No nudity whatsoever. You want to convey an image of professionalism.
3) Don’t post any content that includes profane language. Might be funny at the time to post something that has inappropriate language, but think of what your future self would say about it. 
4) Don’t post emotionally reactive content. Remember summer is supposed to be a fun and memorable time while on break from school and the last thing you want is to post something negative that you will regret later. Because you will regret it. Please keep this tip in mind every time you feel the need to post a reaction to something when emotions are high. 
5) Be careful of leaving your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account open for anyone to login and post. You will always have that one person who wants to play a joke on you by posting or Tweeting something you have no approval of and before you know it, you’ll find yourself deleting the post and explaining what happened to people. The last thing you want is for a post like that to be on your profile at the exact time an employer is viewing your page.  
To ensure your profile is as private as you want it to be, check the privacy settings on each social networking site because they are constantly changing. However, remember, anything posted on the Internet will live forever, so no matter how private your profile might be there is always a way to find it.