By Rachel Rooney, Toppel Peer Advisor

The school year is officially over. It’s that time of the year that every student cannot wait for: summer. It’s a break from studying and stress, and all that is left is to have some fun. Here are my suggestions for summer, whether you are at home or staying here in Miami. 

  1. Go somewhere you’ve never been before. It could be a road trip or flying across the pond to Europe, or it could just be going to a local landmark. Try Google searching for things to do/attractions in your city.
  2. Do something that you’ve wanted to do, but haven’t had the time. School, as great as it is, is known for being very busy all the time. Summer is great time to explore other interests you have or to learn something new.
  3. Try one new thing that you never thought you would do. Do something courageous and daring. Even something simple. Put yourself out of your comfort zone.
  4. Volunteer even if it’s just for a day. Run and sweat in a 5K charity run. Volunteer at a day camp for kids or an after school program for kids in summer school. Help out at a local hospital. Fundraise for a non-profit.
  5. Do something kind for someone else. Give a little love and get a little love:
  6. Relive your childhood. Set up a lemonade stand. Catch fireflies. Build a tree house. Play on the playground. Jump off the swings; go down the slides. Take your dog for long walks. Drink ice tea and eat barbeque. Have picnics. Go to the park. Fly kites. Go swimming. Enjoy summer festivals or carnivals with your family and ride the Ferris wheel. Sit outside and lick popsicles and eat ice cream. Make tie dye t-shirts.
  7. Live spontaneously. Embrace the freedom of summer. Wake up and see the sunrise. Kiss your childhood sweetheart. Go on long car rides with cold sodas playing loud music. Have a dance party. Do anything fun.
  8. Read. I’m an English major, so I plead with the world to read. Libraries are always waiting, so go visit one, for a day or for more than one.
  9. Take so many pictures. Summer is amazing and wonderful, but it is also short. Live in the moment and capture each one.
  10. Should you ever get bored, fight it. Here are all approximately 349 things to do in the summer, so boredom should never be an option: