By Maura Gergerich, Toppel Peer Advisor


The day every student has been looking forward to the entire semester is almost here; summer vacation! The entire semester summer break has seemed forever away. Now let the realization sink in that its actually only one week from now. BUT in order to get that much needed R&R that comes with the end of the semester, you first have to be able to make it through those finals exams. It might be a struggle and super tempting to blow it all off, but hang in there! 


Take it a little at a time
Studying in small doses is a lot less overwhelming than trying to learn 12 chapters of your textbook in one day. Put some time aside each day to try to lock in all the information that’s going to be on your final. It’s a lot less stressful to know you only have maybe one or two chapters to look over the night before your final.


Look over notes the night before

So maybe you do procrastinate a little. Everyone does at some point. If this happens make sure you at least look over your notes the night before rather than waiting until the morning for those late finals. While you sleep, your brain has the opportunity to lock that information into your long term memory. Studies have been done that show students that only study the night before an exam do better than those that study right before. Now this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t review in the morning as well to give yourself the best chance at acing your test.
Take study breaks
Studying for 12 hours in a row is super tiring and stressful. Your brain is more likely to retain all that information if you take one ten minute break for every hour.  Get out of your seat and stretch a little to keep your body awake and mind alert. Also its important to keep in mind that if you miss the time you are supposed to go back to studying that doesn’t mean you get to extend your break for the next five or ten minutes. Set alarms to keep you on track if you are prone to distractions. 
Get lots of sleep this upcoming week. It’s important for your brain to function at full capacity. Its ok to go out and have fun for a night or two but don’t wear yourself down when you have important schoolwork to keep up with.

Remember to relax

This is your last chance to enjoy yourself and spend time with your friends before everyone departs for home, vacations, and trips abroad. Be sure to schedule time for fun so you don’t miss out on the fun times here.