By Social Media Intern, Jonathan Fernandez

Is there anything worse than a reminiscent blog post that starts with a huge cliché? Like “hindsight is 20/20” or “carpe diem” perhaps? The answer is probably yes, which is why I’m going to talk about having “no regrets” about my college career.

Everything. Yes, everything has shaped me to be proud of who I am. Every decision, every experience, and every mistake molded me to be a better person. The thing is in order for you to learn something you have to do something. Becoming involved in Greek life, holding positions on exec boards, and participating in events like PhilADthropy were all chances for me to learn something about myself.  These are the times where you become self-aware and understand how to conduct yourself. One of my biggest takeaways from college is that it’s not all about what you know—sometimes it’s who you know.

Reputation plays a big part. It’s what makes you successful at networking. When you’re self-aware, you know who you are. Then you’re pretty much set for life. Seriously, because when you know who you are, difficult decisions become much easier. At some point, I just realized what I needed to do to accomplish my goals. I feel like a lot of choices are hard because we are afraid of change. But, if you keep in mind what makes you happy and what you want to achieve there’s nothing to be afraid of. You’re only getting a step closer to what you want. Each step you don’t take, you’re farther from your goal—that’s scary. So, really, with all my logic the future seems way better than the past. Basically, I’m saying the future is bright, as long as you do what you want.

I feel my Senioritis coming on so I will leave you with the following. Keep the big picture in mind and you’ll be fine. Making mistakes is something we all do, but it’s only valuable if you learn from it. Use this time to grow, understand who you are, and chase some dreams. #NoRegrets