By Toppel Peer Advisor, Kelly Martin
Starting any new job, it seems natural to feel nervous and unsure of how you will begin to fit into your new role. However, as one of the newest members of Toppel’s team, I have been given no reason to be nervous—everyone in the office has made me feel nothing but comfortable and welcomed from day one. Now, two weeks into my new position as a Toppel Peer Advisor, I have already learned so much from the grad assistants, my supervisors, and the entire office, and I feel like a real part of the Toppel team.

Not only have I learned how to critique resumes and cover letters, and how to help students at walk in advising, but I’ve also learned about all the amazing resources that Toppel provides to students. From various workshops, to career fairs, networking nights, career advising, and just about anything you could think of career-related, Toppel seems to have an answer to it all.
Now, as junior (almost senior!) who is beginning to face the fact that reality and my future career are fast approaching, I can’t help but feel that I wish I had taken advantage of the resources that Toppel offered sooner, and know I will definitely utilize them over the next year before graduation! Everyone at Toppel is so friendly and genuinely cares about helping students, that nobody should be intimidated by coming into the office and at least checking out what Toppel has to offer, or seeking advice on more specific questions related to your career. Toppel can help you develop in so many ways, and put you on the right track towards finding an internship or job!
As I begin to reach the final chapter of my time at UM, I reflect on my time and experiences, and wonder what I might tell my freshman self if I could. Though I wouldn’t change much about my time here in Miami, I think I would tell the 18 year old me to take advantage of every resource and opportunity that UM offers to its students. So to any freshman who is hesitant to try new things, or even to seniors trying to make the most of the end of their time at UM: take advantage of everything! Including the Toppel Career Center; nothing but friendly, helpful staff will greet you and make your experience at Toppel productive and worthwhile.