By Alysha Gomes, Toppel Peer Advisor

With the beginning of the spring semester comes an immense storm of stress and confusion.

  • Which building is my class in?
  • Where do I buy my books without spending my life savings?
  • When is the first assignment due?
  • Can I manage to juggle a job and courses while still having a social life?

These questions and countless others crowd our mind as we sit 
through lectures on syllabuses; however, what most students forget is that college is supposed to be fun!
Taking time to laugh and simply enjoy the beautiful scenery of the University of Miami not only will cut down on stress but also improve your overall health!  After a long workout, a good hardy laugh relaxes the muscles for up to 45 minutes and can even relieve pain. Also if you need extra vitamin C, a good laugh boosts the immune system and activates antibody production.  Laughter even improves blood flow, decreasing the risk of heart attack and preventing many other cardiovascular problems.


Posted below are some sites that help me distress and improve my health that I thought I should share. Also not only should you laugh, but you should laugh with others! It doubles the health benefits, so be sure to share the sites below with your friends.