By Alysha Gomes, Toppel Peer Advisor

 “You never know in today’s day and age,” is what my mother always told me when I asked her questions about impossibilities. I was always that annoying kid pulling on every adults arm asking why and for good reason. Today, anything is possible and when I say anything, I truly mean ANYTHING.
First, please watch the video above if you haven’t already. It gave me chills and in case you didn’t catch the video’s most relevant information regarding students; we’re living in a time where the amount of technology doubles every 2 years. That means that information freshman students receive, who are seeking a technological degree, is outdated by their junior year.
Second, here is some information that boggles my mind.
Did You Know:

This year the US Department of Labor recognized and defined 24 new jobs in their Economic Statistics report. It is predicted that 50+ new jobs will emerge within the next 2 years that have never existed before

Virgin Galactic is a spaceline that is planned to take tourists into space next year. Tickets have been available since 2005 and are currently $200,000. 
Stanford University has engineered a genetically programmed cell that can be inserted into the body to detect proteins associated with cancer and, when in contact, produces a protein (drug) that combats the cancer. It is a step toward putting computers into living cells, which MIT researchers are currently working on and predict to accomplish within the next year.
The Ghent University’s Center of Microsystems Technology has developed a curved LCD display that can be embedded in contact lenses and handle projected images using wireless technology. That means text messages, GPS directions, and even projectable sunglasses can be transmitted directly to your eye!