By Kayla Lott, Toppel Ambassador
For some reason, it seems in our society today, the art of tying a tie is slowly being lost.  I didn’t even notice it until one of my male friends brought it up to me the other day.  Maybe it’s because we have become busier or lazier; however, regardless of the answer, less and less people, and that goes for men and women, know how to tie a tie.  But don’t fret!  Learning how to tie a tie can be simple, easy, fast and fun, and if you don’t feel that way, you should learn anyway.

Step 1: Start off with the tie under your collar and evenly hanging. 
Note: The smaller end of the tie should essentially be stationary throughout this process, hanging in the middle of your body.
Step 2: Take the side of the tie with the wider end and cross it over the smaller side making an x.  
Step 3: Cross the wider end of the tie under the smaller end so that it makes a one sider t.
Step 4: Wrap or cross the wide part across the front of the smaller end.
Step 5: Pull the wide part up the back and through the loop in the front.
Step 6: Tighten and adjust.
Congratulations!  You have now learned how to tie a tie!  You no longer have to put on a clip-on or have your roommate do it for you, and if you didn’t understand any of the steps, that’s okay.  There’s a picture here that will show you how to do it.  
Happy tie tying!