By Monique Beaupre, Toppel Peer Advisor
November is National Career Development Month! What better way to ring in the holiday season than with career related activities? Since 1966, the National Career Development Association (NCDA) has inspired Americans to celebrate career development through this very special month. 

What can you do to further develop your career this month?
Put your poetic/poster-making abilities to the test.
The NCDA sponsors an Annual Poetry & Poster Contest in honor of National Career Development Month. This year’s topic is “Charting the Course for the Second Century”. Get contest details at
Visit the Mecca of Career Development (a.k.a. Toppel Career Center at UM).
At the Toppel Career Center, we celebrate every month like it’s National Career Development Month. Before the end of November, an extensive lineup of companies and organizations – varying from Google to the U.S. Department of State – will be hosting information sessions. Check out our official calendar at to find details on all upcoming events. 


The little things count, too!
Updating your resume frequently is a great habit to get into. If you haven’t done so in a while, National Career Development month is the perfect opportunity to make sure your resume is up to date.