By Monique Beaupre, Toppel Peer Advisor
Just as you would research a company before accepting a position, companies would like to learn everything they can before deciding to hire you. By simply typing your name into a search engine, institutions can potentially access your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (upon many other forms of social media). Therefore it’s important to appear as professional as possible on these highly accessible mediums. Over 50% of recruiters and hiring managers confirmed that they decline applicants based on inappropriate social media activity.

We’re currently in college, living “the best years of our lives”. This fact shouldn’t be keeping us from getting job offers we are qualified for. It’s best to refrain from posting your party pics, which probably include underage drinking and skimpy costumes. If you feel compelled to show off how hard you can party, make the most of privacy settings. Select specific audiences for your racy posts and utilize the “untag” button.
However, take a moment to think before you post. Ask yourself if your social media content could embarrass you in the future. Keep in mind that what you post on the internet is public and permanent.
On the flip side, it’s easy to use Twitter and Facebook to your advantage!
Show passion and dedication to your sector. You can do this by retweeting big players and interesting articles in your field. Share this content on Facebook as well.
Reinforce your professional experiences on your social media profiles. For example, update your Work and Education section on Facebook. Research shows that potential employers are happy to find online profiles that match resumes.
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