By: Emmy Petit-Frere, Peer Advisor 
As the end of my undergraduate career approaches, I find myself asking, “Is Grad School Right for Me?” I’m sure I’m not the only one who has their doubts and fears about rushing into Graduate School. After speaking with many recent grads, advisors, and reading up on some articles, there were 2 key questions that helped me in deciding whether Graduate School would be right for me. 

Is a graduate degree a requirement for my desired career industry?
This is an important question. Is it truly necessary for you to go straight to Grad School for your particular career objectives? If you’re looking to be a lawyer or doctor, then it’s obvious you will need a Graduate degree to pursue your career objective. If it’s not, then you may not want to rush into a graduate program. Get some experience in your field, determine if you like it, and then revisit the idea of Grad School. The positive of doing this is possibly having your employer pay for your graduate program, and you’ll have the peace of mind of doing the right thing.
Will grad school be a financial burden?
It’s time to use some of those economics skills you learned in Undergrad to determine the cost-benefit analysis of grad school. Find out the costs of the different Grad programs you are considering. Speak with the institution’s financial assistance department; seek out grants, scholarships, and assistantships. Make sure that this investment you will be making won’t turn into an unforeseen financial burden. 
There are many more questions that can be addressed when considering Graduate School as an option, but these two seem to be ones most are concerned with. While Graduate School is a great place to further your knowledge on your subject of interest, it requires some decision making to ensure it is the right place for you, given your career objectives. 
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