By Monique Beaupre, Peer Advisor



Research the companies that will be there.
Find the full list of participants here. Plan to pay special attention to opportunities that stand out to you.

Update your resume.
Stop at the Toppel Career Center during walk-in hours (Monday-Thursday, 10am-4:30pm) to get your resume critiqued. Print out at least 20 copies of your polished resume once it has been approved. 


Check your wardrobe.
Make sure you have appropriate professional attire to wear. For tips on dressing for success, click here. Remember that we require business professional attire at this event.
Review your career goals.
Are you still figuring out what you like and are willing to dip your toes in different sectors? Or are you on a straight and narrow path to the dream job? Decide what you’re looking for and know how to communicate that at the Expo.
Don’t get nervous, get excited!
This opportunity is much more likely to make you than break you. Professionals have taken time to seek out Hurricanes and are thrilled at the chance to meet you. It’s your time to show off your accomplishments and shine.


Making a great first impression begins with a smile.
Smiling will make you appear more friendly and approachable.


Show interest and ask questions.
Professionals love what they do – but not as much as they love talking about what they do. They are happy to share their experiences with you. Indicate your enthusiasm in what they’re telling you. “Tell me more about…” is a simple and skillful way to facilitate a great conversation.


Give a brief, memorable spiel about yourself.
Try not to ramble, but mention valuable accomplishments, experiences, or goals of yours.


Follow up within 48 hours.
Email or call connections you’ve made and let them know how nice it was to meet them. Mention something you discussed so they can easily remember you. If you’ve promised them a sample of your work, make sure you get that to them. Keeping your word gives you credibility.