By Frits Bigham, Assistant Director, Internships & Assessment

It is mid-July, for all the interns out there you are most likely more than halfway through your summer internship experience. Hopefully you have had a great experience so far and feel like you are learning new things but also adding value to the company you are working for.  Also, this is critical time to reflect on your internship. What have you enjoyed, learned, or even disliked?  Do you like the office environment and culture? Would you consider working for the organization as a full time employee?  Why or why not? The more time you spend reflecting and learning through self-discovery what you desire in an organization or job the better likelihood you will make more informed decisions regarding your career after college.
Further and most importantly, what do you want to make sure you absorb during your last month at your internship?  Here are some questions to help you think of what you want to accomplish during your second half of your internship:
Have you been able to effectively network and get to know those within the organization? If not, it is not too late! Go ahead and ask that person you have been thinking about reaching out to if they are free grab some coffee.
Do you have a final project within your internship?  If so, make sure you share your findings with all that you have worked with. Also, even if you do not have a specific final project it is important you share your findings from any project (s) you have worked on and also any new ideas you have come up with.What types of projects or new skills do you want to learn or even master before your internship end date?
Have you been able to learn as much as you first thought when you accepted the position?  This is a great time to have a conversation with your supervisor regarding this topic. The last thing you want to say when your internship is over is “I wish I had the opportunity to..” or “I was supposed to work on a project but…”.  Moreover, it might not be a project or learning a new skill that you are looking for.  It very well might be just exposure to a different role or department.  However, for any of this to occur you need to have a conversation with your supervisor about what you hope to gain from the second half of your internship.
Finally, have you updated your LinkedIn profile with your current role within the organization?  It is important to stay connected with those in the organization you have worked with.  Also, you might be able to find others in the organization who also went the University of Miami (Canes will help other Canes! Reach out to them!) 

Hopefully by reflecting on these questions you will be able to have an exceptional second half of your internship!  Best of luck finishing your internship and exceeding your supervisors’ expectations!