By: Ze’ev Feig CEO, Zensah Performance Apparel

As CEO of a fast growing sports apparel company, I need to be very efficient in how I manage my time. When I was contacted by the Toppel Career Center to participate in the UShadow program, I immediately accepted. There are a number of people who help mentor me, and I feel it is important to return the favor.

Daniel Englert came to visit my company, Zensah® Performance Apparel, and he showed a keen interest in everything related to apparel. His time at Zensah® was initially spent with me where he had the opportunity to ask questions on topics ranging from the founding of the company to our current day operations. He was able to gain valuable insights into what it takes to build an apparel company. The heartaches and the successes. I also had the opportunity to ask questions of Daniel, and learn from a young, inquisitive, and talented person. I definitely learned from Daniel.

After speaking with Daniel, I had him spend some time with our Director of Design, which is the area that most interested Daniel. He was able to learn how a product is created from concept to production.

Finally, after Daniel finished his time in the design department, I gave him a tour of our office and warehouse which gave him the opportunity to ask any more questions he might have had.

I believe the experience was mutually beneficial, and I hope to continue to participate in the UShadow program, as there are always opportunities to learn.