By: Oleg Ignatenko

It has recently come to my attention that many students are aware of HireACane but the problem is that they don’t know how to use it and because of this they are missing out on the many great…no, incredible opportunities it presents to them.

If you are a University of Miami student and plan on getting a internship or a job sometime in the future, HireACane is something you should know and use.  Let’s go over a few important steps in the process of setting up an account and using its services:

1.  Go to and click on Student (or Alumni/Employer, whichever applies to you)

2.  Click on Log-in
3.  Once you input your log-in information, you will arrive at this screen

You’re going to notice a lot of different things jumping out at you but lets remain focused and do what needs to be done first.

4.  Click on the Profile tab and fill out as much information as you can (or at least the required areas) for both the Academic and the Personal sections.

5.  From here on you will go over to the next tab titled Documents.  Here, you can upload your resume, cover letter, a writing sample, etc.  Pretty much everything that you will need when applying for that job or internship.  Also, if you haven’t done a resume or a cover letter, feel free to check out these amazing blogs from out Toppel peers such as “How to make your resume a masterpiece” or “The inception of cover letter writing“.

6.  Set up an appointment with an advisor.  That’s right, you no longer have to come in or call to make an appointment.  Instead you can make one right from the comfort of your room or basement or wherever you may be as long as you are in front of a computer.  You will find a link on the right side of the Home page under Shortcuts.  From here on you will select the reason for your appointment, who your advisor will be and what day and time it will be for.

(Does it get easier than this?)

7.  Well, you’re done! Sort of. Now that you are all set up with the basic stuff, don’t stop here.  Keep exploring the site and make sure you click on these three tabs:

  • Postings
  • Networking
  • Events

Utilize the site as much as you can and you will be setting yourself up for a successful future.

Good Luck!