Written by Oleg Ignatenko


This month Priyanka Surio is being recognized as one of the Toppel Stars.  She is originally from Lakeland, FL and she recently graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Political Science.  Currently, Priyanka is employed as a Medical Scribe through ScribeAmerica Program at Florida Hospital in Kissimmee/Orlando, FL.

As a UM student, Priyanka had several internships and research positions.  Some of her internships included the Health Policy internship on Capitol Hill with Health and Medicine Counsel of Washington where she learned firsthand the health needs of hospitals, organizations devoted to medical causes, and medical schools and how politics plays an important role. Her second internship was with Watson Clinic, LLP in Lakeland where she shadowed doctors and nurses and assisted several departments including Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Dermatology and Allergy. Her research positions have been with the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and Jackson Memorial Hospital where she was able to learn about the endeavors of personnel and doctors in these institutions. She also learned how their research was helping benefit patients, hospitals, and doctors’ efficiency.

Recruitment was very subtle. She learned about this program solely by observing someone at her local hospital and asking them about what kind of work they do. Then she looked up the website ScribeAmerica.com and applied to a few places in neighboring cities. The interview consisted of similar questions on the application as well as about her future career goals and availability.  Only a few weeks after applying, she received a call for an interview.  Priyanka ultimately chose the company because she believed it to be the perfect job to have before continuing on with her studies in Medicine.

This is her advice for other students.

“The main words of wisdom I impart on other job seekers is to never give up, never get too comfortable, and know what you are and aren’t willing to sacrifice.  It is important to not put all your eggs in one basket and count on that one dream job reaching back to you in a timely manner. Personally I had a few job offers throughout my time after graduation but none seemed to appeal to my needs. I kept pursuing other options because I knew I was deserving of a certain salary, and that I wouldn’t be able to relocate somewhere far, and also needed something flexible. Finally after about four months I was able to secure this ideal job.”

Priyanka also wanted to share a paragraph with Toppel, in which she described why she wanted to be a scribe on her application

My name is Priyanka Surio and I have obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Political Science from the University of Miami. I recently became aware of the Scribe America program through observing a few people working as scribes in the local hospital I volunteer for. After asking them about their experiences I knew that acting as a Scribe strongly aligned with my interests and prior skills as a secretary, health policy analyst intern, and research assistant for several years. A Scribe is someone who is efficient and effective in recording down the important information in a hospital to minimize the time it takes doctors to record data. I have often been given the name of “encyclopedia” not only for my efficiency in being able to relay information effectively but for continually being resourceful and extremely organized in my collection of important documents. Work ethic is an important factor in my ability to provide such efficiency. It is my work ethic that drives me to know more, ask more, and even demand more of myself so that I can continually help those around me and simplify complicated endeavors. Currently I am applying to Medical School but I have recently graduated and have some time off before starting medical school. Acting as a Scribe is exactly the type of experience I wish to accumulate before beginning a medical career.