By: Bree Blair
Want to make your resume a success? We can help! The Toppel Career Center is an excellent resource for that, but if you are like most college students with a crazy schedule, it gets a little difficult to find time to even leave the library! Since we’re always here to help you out, here are some helpful hints to make sure your resume is ready to hit the stage (aka the employers).

Some things you never want to forget:

  • Your contact information! Along with that, try to make sure that your email is appropriate for an employer to contact you.  For example, you might want to avoid something like (just saying). It may not leave the best impression.
  • Use spell check! I know this sounds a little strange, but spelling mistakes on a resume are typically a thumbs down. If you’re applying for a job, you want to make sure the employers are aware of how intelligent you are! Usually they are silly typos, but just keep an extra eye out for that.
  • Skills section! Employers really want to see what you are able to do, whether it’s technical or a certification that you have. A lot of people don’t think to list Microsoft Office applications, but please do! It may seem like a common computer program, but not everyone knows how to utilize them. So if you do, don’t hesitate to list each one.
  • Use key words! Employers will most likely not read every single word on your resume, so it’s very important to use key terms when describing an experience. For example, if you were a manager, try to use action verbs that best demonstrate your responsibilities, such as organize, supervise, maintain, etc. Employers will catch these words and be able to get a glimpse of your daily routines or projects.
  • Elaborate on an experience! Whether it is a job, internship, volunteer activity, or anything in between, don’t forget to give enough information about what your experience was like. This is where the key words come in. Each experience should have at least 2-3 bullet points or statements, but try not to have more than 5-6. Resumes should be as concise as possible, which is why strong key words are so important!
  • Eye Appeal! The information on your resume is extremely important, but the way it looks is important too. Making your resume reader-friendly helps the employer pick out the most important things, which will in turn help them remember you more. If your resume is all cluttered and inconsistent with formatting, the employer may get lost in the craziness and not remember you as well.

With all these tips and your own personal touch, your resume is bound to be a masterpiece! Don’t be afraid to add your own little flare- just make sure you would feel comfortable and confident handing it to an employer! For more information on resumes, view Toppel’s Resume Writing Webinar and the Resume Development Guide. The Toppel Career Center is always here to help and you can come in Monday through Thursday from 10:00-4:30 for a resume critique- no appointment necessary!