By: Bree Blair

On-campus jobs are sometimes the best of both worlds. The location is close, considering you live on or near campus, you get to meet other people from UM, and sometimes you even get to squeeze in some homework. What could be better? Well, to get all these great things about an on-campus job, you have to actually find one first!

One thing that some people get a little confused with is the Toppel Career Center and on-campus jobs. Since we are the career center, it would make sense to come looking here for jobs, but our jobs are a little different. The jobs we help with at Toppel are more the careers that you want for long-term or something that you prepared for in school with your degree. Toppel can even help you find part-time jobs or internships, but if you want a resource for on-campus jobs, check out the Office of Student Employment on campus.
The Office of Student Employment is located in the Rhodes House building, which is across from Eaton Residential College. For those of you who aren’t too familiar with campus, this is located along Dickinson Drive. This office looks for degree-seeking students, and the jobs are delivered through the following programs: Federal Work Study, Miami Commitment, Student Assistant, and Graduate Assistant. If you would rather look for on-campus jobs without coming to campus, there is a way for that too!
If you log onto your myUM account, click the Life at UM tab. Once you do that, there is a section called Student Employment. Under that section are the four programs mentioned earlier, so if you were searching for a job based on your Federal Work Study, then you would click that link. Once you click the link, you can search for jobs based on location, like administrative offices to student activites, or skill, like language skills to sports instruction skills. Once you find a post that interests you, get your resume ready and apply!
If you need help with your resume, the Toppel Career Center is a great place to go! Monday through Thursday 10:00-4:30 we have peer advisers and graduate assistants who help critique resumes. We also have resume guides that will take you step by step on how to build a great resume. If coming in to Toppel would be too inconvenient, you can always submit your resume on HireACane, and we will still critique it for you. Take advantage of our great programs that we offer so that you don’t have any worries when submitting your resume for your on-campus job!