Written by Thien Tran
Part of the Career Toolbox Series 

I know you’re probably thinking, “Thien, this is a very bland name. Why did you decide to name something so plainly?” Well I’ll tell you exactly why I did so. You see, I have always found that it is better to be as straightforward as possible when it comes to names. For example, if hurricanes weren’t named after boys and girls, then maybe everyone would evacuate like they’re supposed to and no one would get hurt. You may decide that you want to play outside during Tropical Storm Sandy, but I bet you’d never go near Hurricane Death Machine 5000. So this blog post is about precisely what the title says: a look through the glass door of a company.

What is it?
GlassDoor.comis a website that can be used to search for jobs, much like any other job board on the internet. However, there are many unique aspects that set this particular website apart. For one, it is very aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate and narrow searches. Other websites look atrocious. Like ugly little animals. Like something I would draw with my left hand. Anyway, GlassDoor.com not only offers job postings, but also company and occupational salaries, company reviews, interview questions, and hiring process reviews. These are usually anonymous, written by employees and job seekers alike. Although, some companies will put their own information on the website to ensure the information is accurate as well as to promote.

 How do I Sign Up?

By now you’re probably thinking, “Why Thien, how do I become a part of this elite group?” And worry not my dear friend, for I’m here to tell you just that. You can become a part of this group by simply signing up on the website with your email, or even through your Facebook account. You may be thinking at this point, “Whoa, my Facebook? But why Thien?” And I’ll tell you exactly why. Here it comes, ready? Here it is: with your Facebook connected to GlassDoor, you can see who your friends are connected to. They may be employed by a company of interest, or may be friends with someone who works for a company you are looking at. Still don’t trust me? I wouldn’t either. You know that guy who always farts and then asks everyone, “Hey, do y’all smell popcorn?” And then everyone takes in a huge whiff trying to smell popcorn. That’s ME!
You can search for jobs with a keyword, title, or company, along with a location. You can further narrow down your search in terms of distance from the location, posting time, and company rating. These postings are usually hosted by another website, such as Monster or CareerBuilder. In addition, you can check out company overviews, salaries, employee reviews, photos from the office, and Facebook connections. It’s a like a buffet! But please try to have some self-control. Like the people who make bubble wrap.