By Megan Garber
1. Update your Profile (Personal, Academic, and Privacy settings)
Make sure your graduation date, major, and academic year are updated.

2. Upload an updated resume
You can apply to many job and internship positions directly on HireACane, but your resume must be approved by the Toppel Career Center staff.  Once you upload your resume (under the Documents tab), a Toppel advisor will critique your resume and email it back to you with comments within 3-5 business days.  You may be asked to make changes and upload it again for another critique, or your resume will be approved.  If your resume has already been approved but you have made changes, you can stop by Toppel during walk-in advising to have it critiqued in person, no appointment needed.  Walk-in advising is Monday – Thursday, 2:00-4:00 pm in the summer and 10:00 am – 4:30 pm during the school year.
3. Create a Search Agent to search for open positions
 A search agent will email you new positions on HireACane that meet your search criteria, thus making the job search process a little bit easier.  A search agent is helpful whether you are looking for local or non-local jobs or internships.
  • Click Postings, HireACane Jobs, then click Advanced Search
  • The first option under Advanced Search Options is Search Agents.  Click the box next to “save as” and give the search agent a name.I recommend you select your major and full time, internship, or part time position.  Then hit “submit.”
  • You will get a list of positions.  Look at the top bar and you will see “search results” is highlighted in orange.   Click on the tab called “search agents” two tabs to the left.
  • Find the search agent you just created and click “Schedule”
  • Under enabled, click yes, then select the period.  I usually select week and then in the multiple category I enter 1 for one email per week or 2 (two emails per week.  Selecting only new results means the email you receive will only include new positions. 
4. Use the Calendar to see what events are coming up this week, this month, so you don’t miss anything.
5. Utilize the Resources on the Home page of HireACane
Three resources I especially like are:
Optimal Resume
Optimal Resume contains resume building software and allows you to practice your interviewing skills.  If you have a webcam you can record your answers to thousands of interview questions.  You also have the option to type your interview answers into a textbox.  It’s a great way to practice and become more comfortable before the real interview.
Career Shift
Career Shift contains web-crawlers that let you search for jobs on all websites (employer job boards and job posting sites such as Career Builder).   All you need to do is enter a Keyword, your Geographic Preferences, and the type of position you are looking for (full-time, internship, contract, etc).
Type Focus is a career assessment.  You answer questions based on your interests, and TypeFocus helps you learn about your personality and potential career interests.
Make sure you check out these online resources as well as Career Insider, GoinGlobal, and