Written by Megan Garber

Always have someone look over your resume!

A resume is a marketing document, and it is more than a summary of your education, experiences, and skills. Most resumes are only one or two pages, and those pages need to be perfect! A typo or inconsistency in format can get your resume thrown in the trash. Why?! You might be a qualified applicant, but a typo or inconsistency can be a sign that you have poor attention to detail or simply that you did not thoroughly review your document before you sent it to the employer. Yes, we are all human and we all make mistakes. However, you do not need to review your resume all by yourself. The Toppel Career Center staff can review it, as well as your family and friends. Small mistakes happen to all of us, and you want to make sure you have someone else review your resume so any mistake is caught before you send your resume to an employer. I have been reviewing hundreds of resumes a year for almost seven years, and even I make mistakes on my own resume, mostly because I am so familiar with it that I over look my mistakes. I once had a colleague at the Toppel Career Center review my resume and he quickly noticed that I had written “trail” instead of “train.”

Bottom line: have at least one set of eyes other than your own review your resume any time you make an edit!