Written By: Priyanka Surio

When: Wednesday, April 4, 2012, 8:30 am – 5pm

Where: Newman Alumni Center

What: This one-day conference will provide UM students with invaluable educational career development experiences and networking opportunities with successful UM alumni, local recruiters, and UM Staff and Faculty. Learn from past Canes and hear how they utilized their UM degrees and carried on the “U” tradition of excellence.
After registration and light refreshments, we have a series of panel breakout sessions, each with three different options for you to choose from.

Panel Breakout Session #1 includes:
1. Branding to the Savvy Consumer
Business markets have adapted to the consumerism era of today and learned to advertise to their consumers in more creative ways. Because today’s consumer is looking through a more skeptical eyeglass and wishing to save not spend, this panel will discuss the varying effective strategies one can use to respond to consumer behavior, budgets, and lay-offs. They will also discuss challenges and future opportunities within marketing.

2. Engineering Trends of the 21st Century: Building the Industry of the Future
With the current increasing demand for engineers in a variety of industries worldwide it is important to understand the trends in this career field. Technology has been seen as the rising force in the presently complex engineering projects. This panel will yield insight to any aspiring engineers with regards to the training and opportunities they need to take advantage of to make them more competitive in this global industry.

3. Civil Service, Diplomacy, and Covert Operations: At Home and Abroad
Globalization has begun to play a significant role in our ever-transforming society both domestically and abroad, so come hear about how the international arena merges with civil service. The panel will discuss different international issues and lend some insight into the importance of cultural fluidity. Whether you are an aspiring diplomat or wish to be the next intelligence officer, this panel will be an enriching experience.

Panel Breakout Session #2 includes:
1. What is Trending and What is Here to Stay in the Communication Industry
How has the communication industry changed since the invention of social media? Come find out from Advertising, PR, and media experts who will discuss how mobile applications and digital media have revolutionized the field of communication, creating new job opportunities. They will discuss the future of both traditional and social media and their relevancy in this growing field.

2. Examining the Legal Profession: Opportunities in the Courtroom and Beyond
Nothing states diversity like the field of law; whether you’re interested in international, corporate, patent, or criminal law, this panel is for you! Even if your career aspirations are to serve as a courtroom judge, this panel will allow you to discover the variety of professions within the legal field and how these panelists have excelled in their esteemed positions. You will also learn about the competition for associate positions and how giving back to the community can give you a competitive advantage.

3. Entrepreneurship: Finding and Retaining Customers for Your New Venture
Anyone can be an entrepreneur; all you need is an idea and the will to follow it through. In order to succeed, our panelists will discuss how to find and retain customers as well as some of the ideas and challenges they were faced with when opening up their business ventures. Furthermore, they will discuss how to maintain a large network of dedicated customers for long term sustenance of a new company.

Panel Breakout Session #3 includes:
1. The Effects of Social Media on Sports and Entertainment
Social media has not only made headway in communications, it has played a vital role in the field of sports and entertainment. Panelists will discuss how it has enhanced the way we receive, view, and cover athletes and stars and how they keep up with this changing medium.

2. Creating Positive Change through Community Service
Service is leading by creating positive change. Come to this panel to hear how these leaders serve as advocates for the non-profit community and how their past experiences led to a career in this fulfilling field. This session will sponsor a dialogue format between UM alumni, students, and professionals, in order to discover their inspiration for serving communities.

3. Being Creative in a Business World
Creativity comes in multiple forms, after all it is creativity. It tends to lead to diversity which is what more businesses are leaning towards in our ever-changing market. Creative individuals not only bring diverse perspectives, they also tend to contribute to the efficiency and success of such large scale businesses. Creativity can also spawn into self-employment or entrepreneurial ventures that exploit these passions. To learn more about creating a rewarding career, attend this panel.

There will be a Conference Luncheon with a keynote speech given by Art Keyhoe, UM alum and Offensive Line Coach for UM Football.

Our Closing Networking Reception from 3:00-5:00 p.m., is an opportunity for students and alumni to speak with the panelists and other professionals in a more intimate, personal setting. This allows you to make an impression and build relationships with professionals who could potentially further your career.
Regardless of whether you attend one panel session or all of them, this Symposium will broaden your horizons and help you establish ties with professionals and alumni who are ready to help you and can act as important stepping stones in your future career.

For more of a sneak peek into next Wednesday’s big event and to register, please visit this webpage:
Student and Alumni Career Symposium