Written By: Priyanka Surio

An Engineer with a Bright Future

Marlo Wyant, originally from Newport, Rhode Island, is on a fast track towards accomplishment, astounding us with her achievement much like a shooting star. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and recently graduated in December 2011.

She aspires to be a practicing engineer with a technical career path. She is well on her way with the 4 internships she held throughout her undergraduate career. BMW Manufacturing, GE Engineering, and the Naval Research Laboratory are a few of the big names she has worked for. Currently, she work for Solar Turbines, a company where she started as an intern with. She employed all of the techniques that lead to success upon the culmination of one’s undergraduate years:

  • Networking
  • Gaining professional experience
  • Holding more than 1 internship
  • Attending professional conferences that can lead to further opportunities
  • Applying to various opportunities
  • Keeping a handful of options
  • Visiting the Toppel Career Center

But don’t just take my word for it. She is also a dazzling star among engineering students, especially when she worked as a Toppel Peer Advisor, reaching out to her fellow engineering peers. Watch the video below to witness how she utilized her years here at UM and how she plans on continuing the pathway towards her blazing future!