Majors and Minors Fair
Written By: Priyanka Surio
So you want to compose the Soundtrack to Your Life, but you are in need of instruction. You have to take on the challenge of making a decision about your career. The first step to orchestrating your future is finding your calling.

The Orchestra is hosting auditions Wednesday, February 15, from 1-4 p.m. at the UC Rock Plaza and your up. You have your College of Arts and Sciences housing a plethora of the majors and minors at this University, the School of Education, boasting of it’s early on hands on immersion in teaching, the Nursing School where real students see real patients, School of Business where your entrepreneurial mind is fostered, and many more that all come together like the players in an orchestra. You just have to find which niche expounds upon your natural talent and passion.
What are the qualifications? It isn’t true that you have to be a freshman in order to be allowed in. People find they have multiple interests or discover hidden talents and maybe you are a first semester junior who just had an epiphany. Either way it never hurts to try and the Majors and Minors Fair is just the right place to start organizing, prioritizing, and making headway with your interests.
What if I have stage-fright? Breathe deeply and remember that although you can speak to your adviser, the occasional upperclassmen who has changed their major 5X, or your Mom, nothing can give you a better feel other than speaking with the representatives in each department yourself.
Sing your heart out about what your interests and goals are. When you do this, each department will understand what you are trying to achieve and be able to better identify what major or minor would be most applicable for you.
While some notes may look foreign, you will be amazed at how much you learn about each Department and how this can help you identify what your role is in this greater orchestra. Therefore, it is important to peruse each option with careful consideration, as does the violinist, who uses painstaking effort to clean his bow and tune his strings.
Create your own masterpiece. By the end of the Majors and Minors Fair you should have a clear idea of what your first masterpiece will revolve around. Sure you will have a few hiccups in G minor, but even Mozart didn’t play ingeniously at first. He discovered his passion and became a prodigy through dedication to his love for music. You too can become a prodigy within whatever department you choose. Like the famous adage says, “To truly live, you must commit to a cause that you believe in.  Once you find it, do not commit yourself half way; dedicate yourself wholeheartedly”