Written By Pallavi Pal

So let us assume you’re a recent graduate and you have a job lined up. You’re excited and apprehensive about what the future holds but mostly you’re ready to get out into the workforce and make some hard earned dinero (especially in this economy). What do you have in life to worry about apart from getting the most of your penny pitcher Wednesdays and GroveThursdays?

How do you make sure a job that you’ve been preparing almost twenty-some years for lasts more than three days? Well, believe it or not even if you have just landed a job don’t think that you are out of the frying pan yet. There’s still a lot that you can do to be proactive about the keeping the position you have and moving up the corporate ladder.

Here are some tips to help you maneuver the corporate world and make the best of the opportunities in which you are placed.

1. Sweat the small stuff
Although it may not seem like it, the little things in life really do matter and make a difference. If you go above and beyond with the small things then you set in stone a great reputation for yourself. The small things can include double and triple checking a project or presentation to delivering it, wishing those in your office happy birthdays and anniversaries, and simply by paying attention to the details of daily interactions within your office.

2. Network within the company
Everyone always talks about the power of networking, and believe me it is not overrated. Networking may sound painful and time-consuming without a direct reward but in the long-run these networks and schmoozing tactics will get you those elusive positions that you would never have known without developing relationships within your office. A great way to start would be by having lunch with a different person in a different office per week. You can reach out to them via email about their work or through others within your department. Always remember to reflect a positive image of yourself by building relationships instead of pretentious simpering and scheming. If you need more advice and tips take a look at these previous Toppel networking blogs for more info: Get Your Game Face On and How to Network

3. Be passionate about what you do
You want to give off the impression that you care deeply about what you do. You want your enthusiasm and dedication to shine through your work. The best way to show your passion for the work is by 1) asking for more work when you have little to do and 2) take an initiative to learn about the industry and your job in your own spare time. Even though it means taking more time out of your personal life for work, learning more about your industry can make it easier to network with individuals higher up in your company by having more common ground to talk about and also can give you an edge in terms of coming up with new, profound ideas based on market behavior.

4. Be a leader
Be someone to take charge when the situation calls for it. Leaders are responsible, headstrong, mature, knowledgeable about the job and, most importantly, know how to generate creative, out-of-the-box ideas. If you act like a leader, everyone in your office will look to you for advice, support and help. When your superiors see that you are the go-to person, they will put you in a position of leadership as well.