By Pallavi Pal has a networking section for employers who want to network with UM students. If you login to and then click on the green “Networking” tab. Once you click the tab you will find a multitude of contacts that are populated based on the majors you indicate in your profile. You can reach out to these employers to get a chance to understand more about their company specifically and what kind of opportunities they have for you.

Another subscription through is Career Shift. This site allows you to find others listed on Career Shift in the same industry as you. It functions somewhat as a mentorship system because as you find those in positions that interest you, it would help to reach out to them to get more advice and feedback. After logging in you should hit the “My Contacts” button to start searching for professionals that are willing to give you advice. You can even search for UM alumni by entering “University of Miami” in the School Attended box. Make sure you put UM in quotation marks or you will get alumni from a variety of universities.

LinkedIn is growing in popularity as a new social media site which allows its users to connect with others in a professional sense. Starting out, you can add classmates, teachers and previous employers as contacts. However, you are able to utilize their networks to search for more contacts. Once you message them, you can build a relationship with them to help you either find more contacts in the field or find out more about the industry. One word of advice, personalize your message when you ask someone to connect on LinkedIn. Remind them who you are, and if it is someone you don’t know then tell them why you want to connect with them.

Also, there is a 100 page guide on Vault’s Guide to Schmoozing. Login through and then on the homepage scroll down “Career Insider: Vault Career Online Library.” After that make sure to click on “Guides” and hit the button “Career Topic Guides.” Under this category you will find Vault’s Guide to Schmoozing.

If you have more questions or concerns, please look over the networking guide for quick tips.