Priyanka Surio

Jai Ho! So you want to be a millionaire? Answer this question and you could be well on your way! Which of the following will help you obtain free money?
A) Searching for Scholarships
B) Having a good essay that is proofread at least ten times (exaggerated, not really)
C) Making sure your resume is on point (sharper than a needle)
D) All of the Above
Did you choose D? That is the correct answer!

Now let’s explain why?

Searching for scholarships is the most obvious pathway towards free money. But what is scam and what is legit? This is where a second pair of expert eyes can help you discern whether your searches are effective or not. Make sure to always ask someone else (preferably an advisor or scholarship advisor) whether the scholarship you are applying for is a legitimate one.

Some sites and offices you definitely want to look to for scholarship money are:

• Anything funded by the government, to qualify always fill out the FAFSA on time
• Grants
• Scholarships funded for by private organizations, if you volunteer with an organization or a part of a national service, honor, or social organization you may want to see if they offer scholarships
• Fellowships
• Paid research assistantships, many Universities offer these for doctoral and master’s graduate students
• Ask advisors in the Office of Prestigious Awards & Fellowships and the Honors Program to point you in the right direction

It helps to search for something specific that is tailored to your needs because that increases the chances of you obtaining the scholarship.

The word on the street is…the right word. Words can mean everything, especially when you are trying to convince a group of arrogant, ruthless judges that you are the “catch” of the day.
Make sure you are original with your work. Go to the Writing Center, where professors and graduate students can help you by proofreading your essay. You must be the one to start it off though, because essentially you want your essay to be a true reflection of yourself.

Would you ever want to watch a fitness commercial that didn’t have attractive and fit people on it? No, because then you wouldn’t believe the product they were selling. Your resume is your advertisement; a one page billboard of yourself to the potential scholarship committee. This is where they see all the perfections and amazing skills you have to offer. Thus, your resume should be flawless with regards to presentation regardless of what experiences you have, because there is always a way to market every experience in a meaningful yet effective manner. Let Toppel be your personal designer and help shape the edges just right while capturing you at your best angle. Refer to our resume guides and come in for walk in advising for a critique of your resume, cover letter, or essay.

A personal success story exemplifies what one can obtain as a result of employing these methods faithfully. I received the title of Benjamin A Gilman International Scholar a few weeks ago and have my entire study abroad trip paid for by the US Department of State. I will be able to take my classes, enjoy cultural excursions and have meals, boarding, and flights taken care of as a result; therefore, I almost feel as if I have won millions. The treasure here is the ability to explore the other half of my heritage amidst learning about a new culture.

All in all, if you follow the methods outlined for you, then you have put together all the ingredients needed for the application to scholarships.
You need to stay organized and most importantly FOLLOW UP! Like Jamal Malik do not give up. Like him, you have nothing to lose, only to gain. Whether it is experience with applying, creating a resume, writing good essays, conducting professional interviews, or simply knowing random facts that have no practical application for future feature in a reality TV show that will grant you millions, you can use a growth in professional development and hopefully funding.