Written By: Priyanka Surio

Lalalala! Oh can’t you hear the Birds and Bees humming, the smell of spring and summer meshing together, and the blare of Sue’s horn! Nationals are coming up and you have to figure out what you are going to do before someone else takes your place and potentially your title.

As part of the new popular culture phenomenon Glee, people have come to identify with one of the various competing singing groups on the show. Now it is Your Turn to figure out if you are part of the Glee club, a Warbler, or just have that competitive streak in you like Sue and her gang. With all these options and countless people trying to influence your choice, this can turn into a real West Side Story but I Dare you to Move and take action to figure out On ”Your” Own where your passion lies.

How is this going to lend any insight into the workforce, graduate school and life in general? Well for some reason, the American culture is all about classifying people into categories. Exhibit A: The Glee Club.

So what are you? Are you a cutthroat, competitive, Dynamite Sue, a team player Warbler, or a creative spirit pursuing New Directions? Each persona fits in a different category and in your potential career field it is important to merge both your interests with your career so that you find something you truly love to do.

Confused about where to Find Yourself? Looking to the Stars will give you just about as much insight as standing on your head upside down waiting for the answer to fall out in front of you. But not to fear, I hear there’s a New Kid on the Block, Toppel Career Center, that can help lay out the options you have for your future calling in life.

And then a Hero comes along with the strength to carry on..

The Strong test is a comprehensive online career assessment taken at the Toppel Career Center for $10 and an automatic advising appointment with our renown advisors.

TypeFocus is another online assessment that can be accessed via the main Canezone page and is absolutely free for students to take. You can also schedule an appointment to discuss the results with advisors. The results of TypeFocus, center on defining your personality type and broad areas of possible interest.

Welcome to the Old School Paper Based Self Directed Search (SDS) Assessment that will still give you in depth specific results on a potential career field. I knew I wanted to be a doctor but Cardiologist, wow; this test took my interests to a whole new sublevel. This is also free for students along with a follow up appointment as requested.

Looking for a new direction

I am the Dancing Queen/King….Are you the creative artsy individual looking for a new direction, a new adventure to tackle; then it behooves you to explore the majors of Creative Writing, Foreign Language, or Music. Being an interior decorator, graphic designer, animator, or musician would play to your talents.

Want to win the prize? Then Enterprise

Mamma Mia!
You are ready to make a statement and get all the attention you can muster with your competitive edge. Majors in Business, Entrepreneurship, Management and Marketing are a perfect suit for you. You will be happiest as an office manager, lawyer, judge, or politician.

Working together to make the world better

Heal the World and Make it a Better Place. Your ideal work environment incorporates people into the equation. You love working with others and are the type of person who would thrive in International Relations, Education, or Psychology. Your preferred career field is a social worker, nurse, teacher, or counselor.

Let’s Get it Started
…Visit our website HireaCane and click on the students tab. Look under the Getting Started Tab, what to do with my major and you will unlock Pandora’s Box to a plethora of avenues available for each major.

Regardless of which category you fall under, you were Born this Way and it is time to embrace your interests and match them up with a potential major and career field that you know you can enjoy. All is “Glee” in Love and War, so be prepared to stay tuned to the show and arm yourself with further opportunities in your career field that will grant you both experience and exposure, minus the Paparazzi.