Empowering and Connecting a World of Canes
Thursday, April 7th
8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Newman Alumni Center

One of Toppel’s newest and most exciting events is happening on April 7!!! Everyone in the office is really excited and we can’t wait to meet all the great people participating. Things are almost ready, we have a keynote speaker, Ms. Katrina Campins, Founder of The Campins Company, UM Alumna, and contestant on the first season of the Apprentice, at 9:30am and some refreshments to start the day.

After that you can choose one of three seminars: 1. Entrepreneurship is a Career Choice, 2. Ethics and Leadership in an Evolving Global Economy, and 3. Communication Trends in the 21st Century, followed by a free networking lunch.

A second seminar will begin at 1:15pm with three other interesting choices: 1. Modern Healthcare and Implications for the Future, 2.Leveraging Social Media, and 3. Five-Star Service: Hospitality in a Competitive Market.
To finish the symposium there will be a closing session and a reception sponsored by Prudential Financial where students can network with other students, alumni and the panelists.

All the students who attend will receive free business cards and alumni get a special gift. After working at the career center for almost three years this is one of the programs that I find most creative and appealing, because it includes almost every major and interest out there, and the panelists are just amazing.

Some of the panelists include:
• Eliott Rodriguez (CBS4 News Anchor and Emmy & E. Murrow Award Winner)
• Jose Suarez (Executive Producer NBC Miami)
• Luis Hernandez (Founder/President LINQ Financial)
• Lisa Cole, Director of Corporate Communications, Hilton Corporation
• Dr. Steve Ullmann (Professor & Director Programs in Health Sector Management and Policy)
• Michelle Villalobos, President, Mivista Consulting, Inc.
• Marc Lawrence (Owner/President Anglers Boutique Resort)

You can register at: http://www.miami.edu/studentsymposium or click here

Hope to see you there!
Daniela Martinez