Written By Priyanka Surio

How to make the most of your Winter Break

As University of Miami students, we get all the perks of a great school in academics, research, and athletics. We also enjoy a month and a half of winter vacation where we get to eat turkey, celebrate holidays with our families and relax. But this long break also finds students feeling anxious, bored and yearning to do something productive. So why not make the most of your five weeks at home!?

There are a multitude of opportunities, which include:

Traveling – getting an opportunity to travel abroad and explore other cultures
Learning – taking winter intersession classes
Preparing – getting ready for graduate schools, applications, tests (MCAT, GRE…)
Experience – gaining real world experience through internships and jobs
Service – giving back to the community and making an impact


If you plan on traveling abroad, first look at places that you find appealing from which you feel you could gain the most. Look into whether you have friends or family there. Find cheap tickets as soon as possible. Talk to the study abroad office on campus and receive advice on the different options you have. While you are abroad, look into the different fields and organizations that you are interested in and interact with the professionals working there; you are building your international network!

Study Abroad Office
International Education and Exchange Programs
Telephone: 305 284 3434

Cheap Flight Tickets

Toppel’s Resources
Create an account with CaneZone and browse through Going Global for internships or job opportunities abroad that fall into the time frame and place you will be visiting.


Intersession Classes
UM offers countless Winter Intersession and Spring Break Intersession classes for those wishing to gain a head start in their college career.
Why else should you take an intersession course?
•Topics not normally offered during regular semesters
•Getting individual quality time with distinguished faculty members
•Sharing knowledge with other students

Check out the following webpage for more information http://www6.miami.edu/intersession/

Contact Information:
For on campus and domestic travel courses:
Sam Postigo and Carol Wilson

For International faculty led travel courses:
IEEP office: (305)284-3434

What are the dates for InterSession/Spring Break?
InterSession: January 3-15, 2011
Spring Break: March 12-20, 2011

On the webpage is also a Quick Glance Brochure that will list all the courses, the school or subject area, the professor teaching, and the dates/times of the course.