Written by Pallavi Pal

There is always space for improvement and even though we do our utmost to be the best tool for students. Many times we are critiqued for only catering to one or a few career fields. In the spirit of raising the bar and being the best, we are working on expanding our reach to students of normally underrepresented career fields and majors.

That is why at the most recent Etiquette Dinner, Toppel not only partnered with Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) to further reach out to students of underrepresented backgrounds but also established Pre-Law and Pre-Dental tables for students in pre-professional fields to be able to network and interact with those who have been successful in their fields.

Many times we hear feedback that business students and engineers benefit the most from the Career Center’s resources so this time we decided to expand to pre-professional fields for the students’ benefit.

Along with the apparent goal of teaching how to interact with employers in a dining environment, Toppel and MSA encouraged students to diversify their experiences by networking with other employers outside of their fields prior to the start of the Etiquette Dinner. This is a great way to practice interacting with employers and also gain a broader understanding of the career world.

We had a great turnout of both employers and students and we encourage further collaboration with MSA to give UMiami Students a well-rounded and encompassing experience. Stay tuned to more updates from Toppel and RSVP to the Etiquette Dinner for next Fall!

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